To my new and unique online course for these 

challenging times....

In just four weeks, you can learn to be more, do more and enjoy more, with EASE and GRACE, step by step.

Now, more than ever, we need to dig deep into our personal power and wisdom to survive and thrive. When we learn to do this.... our day to day life experience can change in all kinds of wonderful ways.

We cannot solve the current Corona Virus circumstances, but we can review and change how we engage with ourselves and with the world in our own little personal universe. Honestly, this new and unique course ‘UNLOCK YOUR PERSONAL MAGIC’ is a very exciting opportunity for you. Just today a client of mine described how her life has improved in so many ways since she attended my course and then decided to work with me personally.

I am Liz, the creator of LIFEDESIGN, a unique lifeskill that I have used for 50 years now, I have reared my family in this way, my husband now is an advocate for LIFEDESIGN too and in recent years, I teach LIFEDESIGN to others. 

Over the weeks together, you will get a taste of LIFEDESIGN, this wonderful lifeskill. Usable bitesize chunks that you can implement straight away to empower you to live your life to the full.

“Liz, you taught me, using amazing examples, how to not take things so personally and to believe in myself like I never did before.” 

Mary, Cork, Ireland

This four week course is for you if you feel a little beaten up by life at the moment, if you feel you need a bit of a lift. Perhaps you have been worn down, as so many have by 2020? The course can be a little self-care gift to yourself. An early Christmas present of reconnection with your possibilities and your personal power and hopefully your magic.


I invite you, over four weeks commencing FRIDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 to come on a little journey with me. From my home, on the coast, near Dublin in Ireland, I will uplift and inspire you and sprinkle some Celtic magic your way. Actually, this is not just a course where you are given information (though there will be a pdf for each module available each week) - it is a unique personal experience and will be delivered LIVE each week in a private Facebook Group especially for this purpose.

The presentation of the four modules will be at 7pm CET on the four Fridays (with the possibility to watch/listen afterwards). Then, having allowed you time to absorb the information shared over the weekend, I will take any questions you have each Monday evening at 7pm CET, either asked in the group comments, or asked by private message so they can be answered confidentially, yet others can benefit from the answers too. 

Between Monday and Friday each week of our little journey together I will share lots of little hints and tips. In fact, I will have your back every step of the way.

Please join the course now it feels good for you by clicking this little button below, as I always keep my numbers small, to create a nice small group, where friendships are often formed, because of the nature of LIFEDESIGN.

Would you believe, some people call me their Fairy Godmother? others tell me I am like a really kind Aunt, and yet others tell me I am a Mother figure to them or even remind me of their Grandmother! I am always touched at these descriptions. These days people call me Celtic Queen Lizzie – you might even meet her during the course. She is quite a character!

Anyway, I guarantee you time out from this hectic life, hints and tips to help you make the most of your life exactly as it is right now, some humour and a glimpse at the potential of LIFEDESIGN for you and your life. Please do not underestimate this unique lifeskill I teach.

Here I am with my co-lifedesigner Philip, who I jokingly call Mr Lifedesign.  Together we have been designing our lives for over 40 years.

I will inspire you over the four weeks, with information from my vast knowledge and life experience, both personal and having worked with clients over so many years, originally as an Interior Stylist and eventually as a Personal Stylist. Actually my passion is LIFESTYLE. The day to day life we live. I won’t bore you with my long Biography – you can check me out in my Bio in the website.

“You coach people in ways that uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire them. I hope your Lifedesign process will help bigger numbers of people. The world needs you Liz.” 

Marian, Donegal, Ireland.

The cost of the course is €97 (everybody thinks I am crazy as my courses have always been a minimum of €197 for more than ten years now) - but these are extraordinary times, so this course is my gift to the world right now, written especially for the times we live in.

Just today I gave a presentation on my LIFEDESIGN concept – which is the foundation of everything I do and teach, this was the response of one attendee:

“Liz, that was truly inspirational – life-changing, empowering information. Many, many, thanks. A beautiful start to the week. Great skills, clarity and focus, taught in a warm, endearing manner.” 

Frances (Lawyer), Dublin.

If you are interested, please sign up now, as the numbers are always limited, as I like to create a cosy feeling of being in a group with people who care about your wellbeing, whatever your stage in life – I have worked with clients from 18 to 80. Nobody is too young or too old for this opportunity.

Liz Hickey is the creator of LIFEDESIGN,

a wonderful lifeskill that makes life better in

all kinds of way. Based in Dublin, Ireland, with

an increasing international client base, she welcomes

female clients to her courses (though she does work

one to one with all genders online).

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my

passion and zest for life with you.

In the meantime, may life be good to you.


aka Celtic Queen Lizzie